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Praise for the Book

‘The Nature of Business’ has been blessed with great praise and endorsements from a wide range of people in business and higher education.  Here is a sample of some of that praise:

In times, when business leaders are struggling with volatility and uncertainty about the future of their organizations, Giles Hutchins lays out a path for transformational change. Giles guides us to the essence of the role of business in society. By closing each module with a set of pertinent and personal questions, The Nature of Business is not just a very entertaining read, but also a redoubtable sparring partner. A must read for everyone involved in the business of the future…. and aren’t we all? Mick Bremans, Chairman, Ecover

For organizational leaders, The Nature of Business represents a compelling invitation and a comprehensive map for the journey not only toward sustainability but toward ‘thrivability’. Thoroughly researched, with bite-sized but powerful case studies sprinkled throughout, it sparks insights and ideas at every turn.  For the survival of our species, my greatest hope is that leaders everywhere will embark on the journey Giles describes in this important book. Michelle Holliday, Principal of Cambium Consulting and author of Humanity 4.0

A timely, paradigm-shifting book, reframing how business can thrive in the challenging times ahead whilst being a force for good….  This is a brave book and a must read for those seeking to make positive change happen in business and beyond. Hunter Lovins, President of Natural Capitalism Solutions and Co-Author of Natural Capitalism

It is clear that as business people we need another mind-set.  One that challenges preconceptions and builds new models, freeing our businesses to become more resilient and be able to thrive in a rapidly changing and resource constrained world. Giles has drawn together a compelling read for anybody interested in creating a better future. Andy Wood, CEO of Adnams

This book not only brings together the current best practice and analysis of transformational business, but also seeks to find solutions. Giles has for many years been an innovative thinker based squarely in business and this book demonstrates that thought leadership; the book leaves me thinking much more clearly and feeling inspired to transform. Paul Drukman, CEO of The International Integrated Reporting Council

There is an energy, a pulse, a reverberating urgency that calls us to reflect and then take action in this book… This book scores a line in the sand and invites us to step across, raise our voices, become visible, and engage. Now, and for all time. Tim Macartney – Director of Embercombe and author of Finding Earth, Finding Soul

We are creatures not cogs and our ability to slough off the old certainties enforced by the clock and the conveyor belt are testament to a new movement in which business will be increasingly developed on biological lines instilling resilience and adaptability rather than command control rigidity. These are exciting times and the roar you hear in the background is of dinosaurs howling at a meteor crossing the night sky. This book is important for anyone seeking a roadmap to the future. Tim Smit, Founder of The Eden Project

Business faces enormous disruptive challenges in the next decade. For businesses to thrive in face of these pressures they must first protect nature, then learn from it and finally immerse themselves seamlessly with natural systems. Giles has found an elegant, engaging way of helping businesses to ask how they will do this. Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer

Under the inspirational guidance of Giles we pioneered the ‘firm of the future’ approach and engaged our clients and partners on this exploratory path to a more sustainable and agile business ecosystem. This book will be an inspiration to the leaders of the future and I highly recommend it to anyone ready to be inspired by nature. Marianne Hewlett, Senior Vice-President, Atos International

I have been working in the arena of sustainable change for many years and I find that The Nature of Business is a refreshing practical manual for how we can all challenge and adjust our thinking and take some profound actions to make a difference. Dr Alan Knight OBE, Chairman & Sustainability Director for Business in the Community and Global Association of Corporate Sustainability Officers

Giles has taken a big idea, and in nine easy modules, peppered with examples and checklists, takes the reader on a journey to a resilient firm of the future, starting today. Catherine Cameron, Director of Agulhas and Senior Associate at the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership

Giles takes us through this remarkable world of business seen through the eyes of nature. Finally a guide to take this to the next level! Gunter Pauli, Founder of ZERI & The Blue Economy

Giles shows how we can sidestep the Black Swans of breakdown — and ride the Green Swans of breakthrough.  John Elkington, Executive Chairman, Volans and author The Zeronauts: Breaking the Sustainability Barrier

This book is bold response to the challenging times we are in. It provides very thought provoking material for anyone considering the sustainability of their operating models. Stephen Howard, Chief Executive, Business in the Community

A transformative book in its own right, The Nature of Business should be read by everyone engaged in the future-proofing of their business. Gev Eduljee, Director of External Affairs, SITA UK

A must-read for those who want to learn how to play by the rules of Nature – so they can create value for the benefit of people, planet and the financial bottom line. Tania Ellis, international speaker, social business advisor and author of The New Pioneers

This is a bold book and demands to be read and acted upon.The modules here can be used in the classroom or the boardroom and should be used in both.  Jane Davidson, Director of INSPIRE: Institute for Sustainable Practice, Innovation and Resource Effectiveness, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

 Giles delivers a refreshingly positive message throughout… inspiring business leaders to grasp the mettle for transformation change. Dermot Egan. Co-founder of The Hub.

This book is the most positive, inspiring and practical guide I have seen. Jonathan Gosling, Professor of Leadership Studies, Exeter University Business School

This book beautifully maps the transformative journey for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. Dr. Monika Winn, Business Strategy and Sustainability Director, Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation, University of Victoria, Canada

 Simply the best new book on business and management in many years!  Hazel Henderson, President of Ethical Markets Media and author of Building A Win-Win World

The Nature of Business is a thorough, passionate, driven and inspirational piece of work. Nigel Hughes Co-Founder Green Light Trust and voted in Top 10 Virgin Environmental Entrepreneurs 2008

In writing The Nature of Business Giles has provided the business community with a hugely practical book which is succinctly able to make the case for transforming ourselves and our business strategies to being more in tune with nature, and provides us with the tools and case studies to help us achieve this. Simon Robinson, editor of The Transition of Consciousness network, sustainability educator and adviser.

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