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The Nature of Business – Why this blog?

Transformational times call for transformational change; a paradigm shift at all levels of business and beyond.

Organisations, teams and individuals can seek to transform amid turbulence or they can resist change, clinging fearfully to out-dated ways.

Life on Earth is being severely disrupted due to a carcinogenic logic deeply woven into our world view. If there is to be anything resembling a ‘successful’ outcome for humanity and our fellow more-than-human kinship, we must transform from this carcinogenic world view to a regenerative, ecological way of life which attunes with Nature’s innate wisdom.

At its root, our corrupt way of life originates from a flawed relationship with our selves, each other and Nature. This is what this blog and the four books (Future Fit, The Nature of Business, Regenerative Leadership and The Illusion of Separation) seek to help rectify.

It is hoped this blog uncovers some of the inherent wisdom within Life while shattering some of the illusions of our current paradigm, so that we may see beyond the insanity and begin to re-engage with reality beyond illusion.

This blog is intended for those interested in exploring and undertaking transformational change: leaders, managers, change agents, activists, students, academics and entrepreneurs. It is also a community of content and sharing for those who have read Giles Hutchins’ books – Future Fit, The Illusion of Separation, Regenerative Leadership and The Nature of Business – or who are actively working in this same emergent space.  Guest blogs relevant to the themes covered here are always welcome. Simply make contact via the comments box.

There is a Face Book community called ‘The Nature of Business’ which covers all three books and much more, which you can join here

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  1. March 18, 2013 3:42 pm

    Dear Giles,
    I am the editor of Leaf Litter, an e-pub put out by Biohabitats ( for people involved in ecological restoration, conservation planning & regenerative design. We’re doing an issue of biomimicry, which goes live this Thursday (March 21). We interviewed Toby Herzlich, who applies biomimicry to leadership and managment, for the issue, and when recommending resources for our readers, she mentioned your book. Would it be possible for us to use a jpg of the book cover, along with a link to this blog?
    Amy Nelson (


  1. Companies that mimic nature out-perform those that do not « The Nature of Business « irwindesigned

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