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Time to stand up for what we believe to be right

June 26, 2015

What our world needs right now is an awakening of our humanity .

If we are honest with ourselves we spend a large part of our waking lives half asleep, largely unconscious or unaware of reality as it really is, seeing only illusory fragments, narrowed-down perspectives through mind-sets clouded with fears, anxieties, distractions, judgements, habituations and ruminations. If we were to really perceive life through all of our brains, bodies, hearts and souls, we would be in love with this awesome experience and attend to our relationships (strangers, friends, lovers and more-than-human kinship) in quite different more enlivened ways.  This in turn would influence how we relate with the world in general and how we perceive ‘others’ such as immigrants or different creeds. We would activate a shift in our attention: one of care rather than control, of empathy rather than envy, fear and competition.

To fall in love with our life experiences – whether it is the small things, the routine activities or the breath-taking inspirations – is to make our escape from a warped worldview: a matrix of perception ingrained into us at partly unconscious levels.

human nature morphesus

Our worldview is acculturated in us – a deluding neurosis with devastating ramifications for human society and the wider fabric of life on Earth. And, our ingrained approaches to education, economics and organisational management are, in the main, infected by this neurosis and so exacerbating the acculturation of our insanity – what Albert Hoffman called a ‘Western entelechy neurosis’ and what Albert Einstein called ‘an optical delusion of consciousness’.

Yet each of us have the natural capacity to see beyond this delusion, regardless of our bank balance, job, upbringing or age. Through the quality of our attention and our conscious intention, we can break free from the matrix of our own making. We are our own jail makers and jail breakers.

‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds’  Bob Marley, Redemption Song

In these challenging yet pivotal times for humanity we need all the assistance we can muster to help inspire this shift in awareness. Positive News in the UK provides just this by sharing front-line stories of ordinary people transcending fear with courage and selfishness with service.

In a world littered with debasing, oppositional, fear-filled news and twisted misrepresentations, this type of honest, humane and constructive journalism is rare; a sad reflection of how inured we have become in the illusion, and take it as quite normal, no longer able to sense the insanity so anesthetized we have become.


Positive News is free from the insidious commercialisation and political motives plaguing our newspapers, journals and magazines today. It takes a stand for what is right.

Positive News needs you and me to help support its co-operative venture so that it can continue to shine a light on the inspiring, constructive stories of ordinary people doing courageous things to make change happen in society.

Here is how you can help contribute to this front line action

It’s time to stand up for what we know in our hearts is right and move away from what we inherently know is undermining our very humanity.  It’s time to live up to who we truly are.

Why Positive News??  This short youtube clip explains.

The sharing of inspiring, enlivening stories of people awakening our humanity is instrumental to this transformation in our midst. Are you a part of this?  To become a co-owner  please invest here.


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Redesigning for Resilience – Firms of the Future

June 15, 2015

Since the Industrial Revolution, we have achieved great feats of economic, social and technological advancement for which, as a species, we can be proud. Yet the challenges (and opportunities) now facing our businesses, economies and societies are all too apparent. These include:

  • volatile input costs
  • volatile prices
  • volatile consumer buying patterns
  • increasing complexity and risk in supply chains
  • changing demographics, world population shifts
  • shift to a multipolar world
  • increasing socio-economic/political tensions
  • increasing scarcity of finite natural resources
  • increasing propensity of food and water shortages
  • increasing frequency of natural disasters and epidemics
  • climate change
  • peak oil, peak elements, and so on
  • ocean acidification and dead zones
  • rapid decline in biodiversity
  • increasing inequality
  • rising world poverty
  • increasing mental health issues and stress-related illnesses
  • exponential growth in population and consumption rates.


So what has all this got to do with business and business paradigms?

First, it is our current business paradigm that has exacerbated the imbalances, tensions and volatility we face today. As Albert Einstein observed: “We cannot solve the problems in the world with the same level of thinking that brought them about in the first place.” To operate in the world we now live in we need fresh approaches to businesses that are fit for the present and future.

Second, good business is fundamentally about seeking out opportunities for value creation, not about trying to get something for nothing. As our social, economic and environmental landscapes become ever more volatile, business approaches need to adapt and evolve to optimise the opportunities for value creation.

Third, in the words of Paul Hawken, “Business and industry is the only institution that is large enough, pervasive enough and powerful enough to lead humankind out of this mess.” Therefore, the re-evaluation and transformation of our business paradigm is fundamental to the successful evolution, not only of business, but of our species as a whole.

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The T’ai Chi Sacred Marriage of Being & Doing: Living The Way of Nature

May 22, 2015

T’ai Chi is an ancient art form, where the artist perfects the art of being and doing while attuning with the Tao.

‘An artist is an instrument through which the Universe reveals itself’ – Goldschneider & Elffers

The realisation of the Tao is a magical, ecstatic dance – the dance of yin-yang, of receptivity and responsiveness revealing a sacred reciprocity, the revelation of Nature as Creatrix.


In this magical dance of yin-yang, tensions are transmuted into new dawns of becomings, where being and doing cohere. It is here we taste the Tao (aka, the Shekinah, Akasha, Divine Ground, Nature, Great Mystery, Motherly Space, Ma’at, Aluna, quantum vacuum, zero point field, dark energy, ground-of-all-being, all-nourishing-abyss).

As the quantum scientist Ervin Laszlo notes,

‘The dance of our mind with the quantum vacuum links us with other minds around us… it opens our mind to society, to nature and to the universe. This openness has been known to mystics and sensitives, prophets and metaphysicians through the ages.’


It is what Zhang Bo Duan (of the eleventh century Taoist Classics) refers to as the T’ai Chi Dance of Ecstasy: an embodied immersion of ourselves within the Rainbow River of Chi flowing within and all around us. Words cannot do justice to such an ecstatic state of dynamic non equilibrium, this is an embodied feeling of being and doing laced with love and is quite beyond anything the ego-mind can grasp.

Early last year, I was invited to speak at a Heart Mind Body Spirit festival at the Rainbow T’ai Chi Chi Kung Centre in South Devon (check out the web site, it is guaranteed to make you smile :- )

It was here that I first met Master Peter Chin Kean Choy, a uniquely gifted teacher of ancient Taoist practices aimed at bringing the realisation of the Tao into our daily lives for heart-based living.

The Taoists studied the way of Nature some 2,500 years before Christ. They became aware of the tensions and rhythms of life: receptivity, responsiveness, reciprocity. It is the seemingly opposing tension of receptivity (yin) and responsiveness (yang) that provide for the sacred reciprocity abundant in Nature. It is the tensions that provide for the diversity of life; tensions as crucibles that leverage creativity, innovation, learning and development – no tensions, no music, no dance, no life.


The sacred feminine yin dances with the sacred masculine yang; an act of love making; spiralling, twisting vortices, eddies, undercurrents and waves, giving birth to a sacred reciprocity, an alchemic becoming blended of being and doing, the non-action within action. Self-awareness is our portal into perceiving this ocean of chi energy so that we may live in harmony: somatic, social and soulful awareness feeding our intention and attention.

The waves are never separate from the ocean. The ocean gives birth to the wave, yet each wave has its own unique form, its own distinguishing character while remaining part of the ocean. Every vibration of energy, every body is an expression of Nature. Receptivity originates.  Without conscious awareness of our receptivity, our responsiveness becomes ungrounded, no longer flowing with the Tao and dis-ease ensues. We becomes out-of-kilter as we warp our way of attending towards an increasing tendency for ‘having’, ‘wanting’, ‘owning’, ‘consuming’.

MDG : Green Economy and Forests REDD : hills of  burnt out brown and deforested land in Thailand

In today’s busyness, fraught with stresses and strains, we have allowed ourselves to get caught up in the responsive yang-ness while severing our self-reflexivity from yin receptivity. We have caught ourselves up in our own ego-entrapment, deluded ourselves that the superficial ripples and waves upon the surface of the ocean are all there is. Our materialistic, narrowing-down lens corrupts us, undermining the way we relate with ourselves, each other and the world around us.

It is our natural yin-receptivity which connects us to the Source, to Tao, to Nature. The more we allow our ego-mind’s to separate our receptivity from our responsiveness, the more we separate our inner-sense from our outer actions and the more pathological and carcinogenic we become.

To deal with the symptoms plaguing us – whether it be climate change or debt-slavery – we need to deal with root causes: our way of communing with the Tao. The gentle movements of T’ai Chi are aimed at just this. Radical activism starts here within our heart of hearts, where illusions are shattered and beauty is born.


Bio-logically, we can understand these gentle movements as stimulating our body’s energy channels, helping the natural flow of chi in our muscles, ligaments and organs. This enhances the electromagnetic channels between the gut, heart and brain, helping develop resilience, health and vitality as we engage with the tensions and strains of life.

Also, these gentle movements bring our awareness into our bodies as we sense the subtle energies, in-so-doing shifting our attention out of the ego-chattering brain into the bodymind. This somatic awareness allows for a coherence of our left and right brain hemispheres along with coherence of the head with the heart and gut. It is with this coherence that we open up to our natural receptivity – the yin-ness within. This allows us to gain direct perception of life, unfettered from the abstractions of our ego-awareness and left-brain’s grasping, atomising, narrowing-down tendency.



This opening of our doors of perception allows us to sense an ecological awareness of the rich interplaying ecology of life, an inter-relational orchestra of Nature. This heightens our bodymind’s receptivity to the subtle perturbations within us and all around us. We feel more alive and more present. In turn this allows our responsiveness – our yang-ness – to dance with this receptivity. Our outer actions attune with our inner-sense. Our doing attunes with our being. Receptivity flows through our responsiveness so that we relate to the world around us with an attentive, compassionate, sympathetic, wise attention. From the dance of receptivity and responsiveness is born a sacred reciprocity, as we begin to consciously take part in the Dance of Life. This is the way of the Tao.

‘Know the male,

Yet keep to the female’ – Lao Tzu

As we cultivate this yin-feminine-receptive awareness, we open up to the natural awakenings of our intuition and insight that the ocean of wisdom within and all around us contains.

nature devon view

Mastering the yin-yang, being-doing, inner-outer tensions of life is an alchemic life-process which allows us to open up to the Mind of Nature as we surrender in service to something far greater than our ego-chattering masturbating monkey-minds would have us see.

To align with the Tao is to align with creation and transform our foolish hubris into wise humility. This is at the heart of any regenerative, restorative socio-economic business.

ab art6

To be in harmony with Nature – this feels like what life is teaching us, and the ancient ways of T’ai Chi, and other ancient shamanic, alchemic traditions show us the way, if we so choose to look.


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Accessing the Mind of Nature (Part One)

May 19, 2015

We are in the midst of an evolutionary step change in how we operate and organise: a shift from linear, mechanistic, control-based modes toward living, emergent, self-organising, life-affirming ways. This shift demands a letting-go of old, ingrained ways of being and doing and a letting-come of fresh (yet also timeless) ways found within the Mind of Nature. This is a shift in human consciousness no less.

‘The major problems in the world are the results of the difference between how Nature works and the way people think’ – Gregory Bateson

As I have said earlier in Steps Towards A Deeper Ecology of Business, our dominant cultural narrative (mythos) and its organisational logic (logos) is transforming right before our very eyes.  Amid the stresses and strains of the every-day we may not always sense this seismic transformation or be aware of how much is actually shifting within and all around us. And such times of change inevitably invoke fear and denial. Clinging to the tried-and-tested safety of the status quo is a quite natural reaction, yet it only delays the inevitable, in fact it creates greater turbulence ahead as eddies and undercurrents of these transforming seas build up around us as we hold-on rather than learning to sail the stormy seas.

‘Proposals for transformational change will be derided and, when they gain traction, resisted at every turn. It is true but too easy to say that the resistance will come from entrenched interests. It will come from ourselves. We are the consumers and the employees, and we are easily seduced. – James Gustave Speth

We now have evidence of a variety of organisations throughout the world successfully putting into practice new ways that challenge the out-dated, yet still dominant, paradigm of top-down command-and-control hierarchies and short-termist KPI obsessed cultures, as well as the trend towards resilient, optimising, adaptive, systems-based, values-led, regenerative businesses inspired by nature (see Firms of the Future – businesses inspired by nature).

We know that organisations, communities, cultures and socio-economics of the future need to be not just inspired by but also in harmony with Nature.  So what does this mean for you and me?  The good news is that it means becoming more alive, authentic, creative, playful and in love.

Otto Sharmer and Katrin Kaufer in Leading from the Emerging Future articulate some principles of emerging organisations and ecosystems: openness, transparency, sharing, intention, holding space, conversation, awareness (from ego to ecological awareness), commons, playfulness, diversity and symbiosis. These living, emergent soulful organisations are safe places for us to let-go of our ego-masks and be our selves. Our work contributes to our personal growth rather than stunting us.

There are time honored practices and techniques we can learn to integrate into our daily lives to help us catalyze this shift in our ways of thinking, feeling, intuiting and relating in business and beyond.

On 1st July at Ashridge Business School, I will be facilitating a workshop on Steps Towards A Deeper Ecology of Business to:

  • Discuss the profound shifts afoot in business and beyond and explore how these relate to our ways of leading and living in volatile times.
  • Assist leaders, managers and change agents in catalysing and sustaining transformation.
  • Experience and embody the Mind of Nature, enabling us to be more effective in transforming our organisations.
  • Explore ways of applying this deeper awareness to our sense of purpose, organisational culture and ways of working.
  • Undertake transformational practices that can form part of our daily lives, including post-workshop content and network.

To book your place (cost of £200 including lunch, etc.), email  , places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Awakening the Sacred: Re-enchanting Our Ways of Relating

May 13, 2015

We are living through a crucial time where we bear witness to a profound opening between two worldviews, that of yesterday’s story, scientific mind-set and socio-economic behaviour and the emerging dawn of tomorrow whereupon the mind-sets and cultural scaffolding of old melts away in an alchemic co-creation of new pathways. This moment of metamorphosis in our midst is what the ancient Greeks called Kairos – a supreme moment of indeterminable time which, if not adequately engaged, embodied and acted upon, may pass us by.

nature devon view

So let’s cut to the chase. The root cause of our carcinogenic culture is a corrupting logic at deep and partly unconscious levels. It is a logic that sets us apart from, and in competition with, our own true nature, each other and the world around us. It creates a flawed philosophical, scientific and socio-economic worldview of anthropocentric materialism pervading our daily consciousness to such an extent that much of our collective activity assumes it to be just-the-way-life-is. As a result, many of our well-intended sustainability solutions apply the very same logic that created the problems in the first place with seemingly competing urgencies vying for our attention.


Findings in quantum physics, facilitation ecology, neuroscience, transpersonal psychology and many other disciplines, are shedding light on what ancient minds have long known: Far from our bodies being dis-embodied, as they are in our prevalent mind-divorced-from-matter philosophy, our bodies are resonating within a flux of interrelations, embedded and embodied in a rich unfolding Dance of multiplicity-in-unity. Patterns of meaningful interrelations abound within a sea of synchronicity.  This is Nature raw and feral, uncut by the dissecting Cartesian mind, where true reality may be glimpsed, however fleetingly, in its awe-inspiring unfathomable wisdom beyond words. The process of life is re-cognised as an organic participation within this cosmic Dance, where the importance of pattern and relation as ebbing and flowing ripples within a deeper oceanic presence is deeply known. Each and every moment is imbued with consciousness as a sentient, holy presence. As William Blake knew, ‘Everything that lives is holy’.

Alex nature of mind

The word ‘holy’ creates unease in our materialistic culture. It is an old word with the same root as the word ‘healthy’ and, as the author David Cadman has said, ‘it speaks of humility and reverence that is no longer common’, a timeless way of being that arises when we are truly ourselves. Through our attunement with what is in this present moment of life we realise this holiness. As we open ourselves up to the Dance, through nothing simpler than allowing the all-pervasive holy presence to permeate our awareness, we begin to allow a remembrance of our true nature, beyond separation. Here we begin to awaken the Eye of the Heart which mystics such as Meister Eckhart have long spoken of.  It is a way of being that is quite natural and yet radically different from that which prevails today. Einstein spoke of ‘holy curiosity’ – a direct perception of life unfettered by ego-entrapment. It is this full-bodied awareness that enables us to perceive reality beyond the illusion of separation, an illusion we have created with our own self-reflexive minds. This holy curiosity is a vibrant and vivid, expansive and enchanting, pregnant quality of presence; a naked, fertile embracement of Nature; a shamanic experience that touches the plenitude of the soul. As phenomenologist Cheryl Sanders-Sardello explains:

‘To be here requires attention, listening, and gazing deeply without assaulting each thing seen with a conclusion. The silence here is not just in the ‘what has been’, it is most deliciously waiting, too, in the ‘what will be’.

To embrace life with holy curiosity is our choice, a simple case of intention and attention.


Scientific studies have shown that when we embody this holy way of being our left and right brain hemispheres cohere, our neo-cortex brain activity entrains with our heart’s electromagnetic pulse, stem cell production increases, as do rates of tissue repair, hormonal changes occur and our senses liven.  Our intuition improves markedly as quietening ego-chatter gives way to the subtle wisdom of the heart. With this holiness, we become not only healthier but also wiser.

Inviting this sacred presence into our daily consciousness is the most profound undertaking as it robs the illusion at source and allows our thoughts, words and deeds to self-right themselves. Our way of attending becomes one of care rather than control, of humility rather than hubris, and of synchronicity rather than separateness. This emancipation from egotism allows a more loving attention of thy self and thy neighbour. This is the common ground of humankind’s destiny within which we each have unique tunes to play.  From this sacred place we can co-create our flourishing future.

‘The modern condition of soiling our nest reflects how we’ve become dissociated from our somas, our communities, and the earth itself. This has become a pathological condition so widespread that we think of it as normal…When we feel ourselves as part of Nature we invoke a vast intelligence that is both deeply spacious and deliriously ecstatic. When we tie in with the life force it rights us from our distractions and reconnects us to the rapture of life.’ Richard Strozzi-Heckler

While it may not always feel like it, we are in the midst of a seismic paradigm shift. The challenge of our time is less about intellectualising adaptations utilising yesterday’s logic, and more about creating space within our manic schedules for a real embodiment of the innate wisdom life affords us.


As the Presocratic Greek philosopher Thales famously noted, all things are full of God. Every particle and every vibration within it flows with holiness and now is the time to consciously step into this holy river.

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Giles Hutchins – author of The Illusion of Separation

Steps Towards a Deeper Ecology of Business

May 7, 2015

There is much to be downbeat about these days: Whether it’s the daily drip feed of fear-filled news from around the world, or the woeful state of our debt-based economies closer to home relentlessly sucking the lifeblood out of our inner and outer worlds.

In these stormy seas, we can easily lose sense of what is really going on, where the tide is really taking us. These transformational times inevitably invoke fear and can keep us clinging to out-dated modes of being and doing, constricting the very creativity, inspiration and adaptive flair we need to sail these stormy seas to calmer waters.


We are in the midst of a metamorphosis of epic proportions; an evolution of humanity’s consciousness no less with positive repercussions now evident in business and beyond. And this is just the beginning.

Here are some familiar cases to remind ourselves of how far we have already begun to move away from the logic of yesterday:

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Learning to live in harmony with Nature

May 5, 2015

From as early as I can recall, I have been deeply in love with life, with Nature.  Then, as I grew up, the tragic reality of our sense of separation from Nature painfully dawned on me.  I searched for what was behind this corruption, hoping to find some rhyme or reason, but alas found only illusion.


In our busy humdrum of everyday living, we live largely devoid of the visceral awareness of real life and our real nature. So divorced we have become, so dis-embodied from the very natural awareness that is right within us.  It does not take much insight to see that our current ‘civilisation’ is caught up in endless errands and activities aimed at solving the cravings of our grasping, anxious egos and in-so-doing only polluting ourselves and our world as we lose sight of the very thing that provides us meaning and aliveness.  The illusion in our midst is in desperate need of being shattered. But this can be threatening to our ego’s comfort blanket of security and separateness. To breakout of the endless cravings without a taste of what lies beyond is no mean feat.

‘Understanding the illusion only comes after the understanding of reality, not before…Until we have the experience of reality, in all its stillness, we are still lost.’ – Peter Kingsley

Today’s society breeds psychic atrophy and physical violence. Acculturated habits and behaviours feed a vicious cycle of consumeristic materialism twisting us down economic pathways we then struggle to escape from: enter debt-based materialism enslaving many of today’s families, organisations and institutions. The more we get caught up in the illusion, the more it pollutes our attention and intention, infecting how we relate to ourselves, each other and the world around us. Yes, most certainly, there are powerful forces at play that benefit from keeping us so hopelessly dependent upon this cancerous consumerism. And yet none but ourselves can free our minds from this mental slavery, as Bob Marley knew.

nature sust2

The way out of this dangerous delusion and back into reality is through Nature. By ‘Nature’ I do not mean something ‘out there’, but the very ground-of-being within and all around us; the intangible (psychic) and tangible (physical) worlds we are immersed within. By learning to open ourselves us to this ground-of-being, we rob the illusion of its conscious energy by bringing our attention into reality.  Through the quality of our attention we can learn to attune with Nature. Interestingly, this is what all the ancient wisdom traditions agree on and it is what the shamanic and tantric cultures of old have understood for millennia. It is only our current cultural spasm of humanity that has largely forgotten this primordial truth.

ab art6

With recent advances in neuroscience, Western science is coming to terms with the fact that the brain is just one organ of perception within a ‘bodymind’ network of perception (we now know the heart and gut are powerful neural organs which inter-relate with the brain and wider nervous, hormonal and lymphatic networks). Western science is also coming to terms with the fact that we are not separate organisms struggling for survival in a competitive world, but that we live within a sea of sentience, of electromagnetic and non-local quantum inter-relations. Our ‘bodyminds’ are our vessel for sensing and responding – consciously and unconsciously – amid this sea of sentience within and all around us: perceived this way we begin to see daily life as a somatic, social and soulful swim in the spontaneous synchronistic currents of Sophia (Nature’s wise ways which we would do well to attune to).

simon Jung's mandala

(above image from Holonomics, by Simon and Maria Robinson)

In learning to develop our felt sense of being-in-the-world, we can become more conscious of the subtle, energetic perturbations within and all around us. The more aware we become, the more alive and vital we are, and the more resilient we are to challenges and tensions, intuitions and perturbations in our environment. We regain our sense of soma and our sense of the innermost weave of the world, as Goethe described it, which is our soulful way of being beyond the superficiality of the fragmenting ego ‘I’. The real pursuit of happiness is found in this way of being, in the very poiesis (calling forth) of life, not through the fickle ego’s endless grasping of having, wanting, owning, controlling, consuming but in the natural flow of grace beyond illusion.

human nature silence the mind

 ‘To be fully present in this moment is a lifelong enterprise. To be centered is to be present with self, others and the environment; it’s to be open to the wisdom and intelligence of life; it’s to be deeply connected to what is sacred and holy…we discover the sacred that exists within our somatic process. The divine that lies below the daily protocols and routines of our programmed life is revealed to us. Our chest fills with warmth; there’s more room for others, as well as the grasses, the dome of sky, the stones, animals, and waters. We come into contact with our interconnectedness with all life, animate and inanimate. We’re touched by something holy’ – Richard Strozzi-Heckler

And so, learning to live in harmony with Nature is the most radical of undertakings and the foundation for any sustainable future. As we re-member this path of living in harmony with Nature it becomes the only path worth our walk. I say ‘re-member’ as it is a re-membering of who we are, an embodied felt-sense – a somatic membering – of our own selves as social, soulful inter-related beings: sacred expressions in a sacred world.

Bath Back2Nature image

We may learn to attend to our bodily experiences through engaging in certain practices such as somatic bodywork, contemplative practices, dance, breath-work, expressive arts therapy, chanting, yoga, t’ai chi, qigong, etc.. Yet, lest we forget, our everyday living provides us with a richness of bodily sensations. As we go about our daily activities – pavement walking, sipping a cuppa, listening to another, catching a stranger’s smile or eye, tripping upon ourselves, feeling the wind on our skin, sensing our heart flutter with the rhythm on the radio or a passing scent of another – we can bring ourselves home to our being-in-the-world, awaken our attention to the present moment. The more we sense this somatic awareness, the more we cultivate this awareness, the more we open up to this beautiful and wise world beyond the narrowing-down confines of our ego-chatter. This is real life untamed, unfettered, wild and raw: Nature uncut and well beyond anything we can own, confine, control or define.

nature sust3

We are living and breathing the consequences of a disembodied life which impoverishes us emotionally, socially, economically, environmentally and spiritually. We are suffering from poverty at the most fundamental of levels – a poverty of spirit which de-sacralises life itself. This poverty undermines our relationship with our selves, each other and the wider world. We rectify this polluting paradigm by simply bringing our awareness into our bodies and into the presencing of life unadulterated by our own illusions. Small steps with full-bodied attentive awareness will get us out of this pickle, nothing more, nothing less.

Each moment offers us the chance to place these small steps of change.

‘We cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love’ – Mother Teresa

We are expressions of Nature and we all have the natural capacity to remember this sacred Dance of Life; it is running through our veins and beating in our hearts. Through attention and intention, we can permit ourselves to fall back in love with life.

 ‘This is my church. This is where I heal my hurts. It’s in natural grace’ – Faithless

‘Choose your future. Choose life.’ – Trainspotting

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