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Transformation requires a re-connection

August 20, 2012

It is becoming more obvious that we need to transform our ways of living and operating.

The biggest inhibitor to our transformation is our dis-connection with life/nature.

Nature is transformation for real.  Everything naturally transforms through the cycles of life – so too with human nature.  We only prevent our natural, emergent transformation by dis-connecting ourselves from nature – her ways, rhythms and wisdom.

So often we strategise, envision, innovate and explore new ways of operating in the hope that they help us transform towards a more sustainable future for society, the economy and the environment.  These good intentions, alas, often originate from a dis-connected perception of life.  Hence, we innovate our way to incomplete solutions based on incomplete understandings of life and its inherently transformational way.

Rather than tuning into our soul and the soul of nature around us, we react logically to the challenges around us, often leading to more knock-on problems as side-effects from our incomplete solutions.

Transformation requires a re-connection; a re-connection with our true human nature and nature.  It is that simple and yet we often grasp at ‘activity’ before undertaking this re-connection (at ‘doing’ before ‘being’).  Perhaps this is because the re-connection flies in the face of what we have been taught, what has become so ingrained in our mental make-up; hence re-connecting challenges our sense of self-importance, our individuality (our ego) which we believe is so important for our ‘success’ in the world.

The more we see through the illusion of the world as a collection of things and see it as an inter-play of relationships and interconnecting networks, the easier it becomes for us to loosen the grip of our reductionist sense of scarcity and separated-ness and re-connect with the beautiful enchantment of the natural world around us.

Re-connect to tap into the abundant source of energy that permeates through all of life:  nature & human nature, not seperate but interconnected.  Then, and only then, will ‘success’ be sustainable and true, creating personal (and collective) wealth far beyond the ego’s wildest dreams.

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