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Conscious Connection: Doing infused with Being to Realise Full Potential

October 28, 2012

When we consciously connect with our inner selves and the world around us, we gain ‘presence’ and awareness takes over from thinking.  An enhanced state of consciousness gradually flows into all we do. The creative power of life comes through in our actions and interactions.  There is a stillness and alertness in us that brings a joy of being while doing. As a consequence, our actions and interactions in business and beyond have a ‘rightness’ resonating in them.

Re-connecting with ourselves and the world around us can be a struggle, especially with our hectic schedules.  And yet, if we can take time out and find the space to re-connect it can greatly benefit us, as only when we consciously connect can we really undertake actions with our full potential.

In the words of Confucius,

He who is in harmony with nature hits the mark without effort and apprehends the truth without thinking.

Is that a goal worth striving for?

The mind and ego have a deep seated habit of seeking the fullness of life in the future ignoring the only true point of access to fullness – the present moment.

It reminds me of a phrase someone kindly passed on to me ‘the present will always seem insufficient, until we are sufficiently present’.

Being fully aware in the present is what Eckhart Tolle refers to as ‘the power of now’ and what Peter Senge refers to as gaining ‘presence’.

It would seem one of life’s perplexing paradoxical challenges/opportunities is interweaving ‘doing’ with ‘being’.

‘Being’ fully aware and present is ‘doing’ from a state of consciousness.  Then, whatever we ‘do’ becomes filled with ‘greatness’ and a soulful grace; our fullest attention is channelled into the action: doing infused with being.  So often in our everyday buzz of activity, we dis-connect with the ‘being’ and focus on the ‘doing’ for its own sake, and we find life becoming more of a struggle than a dance.

If only we could channel our immense human potential towards ‘doing’ while ‘being’.

One of life’s challenges seems to be that we often get ‘stressed’ or tense when we feel we need to get things done within a certain timeline.  This stress encourages us to step out of the conscious connection and into the ego, where the mind gets busy on solving the issues of delivering what needs to be done in the allocated time.  Often external events (small or large) can impact on our ability to get the job done and so cause additional stress.

Enthusiasm, rather than stress, comes when the activity is in line with what we love hence we gain a deep enjoyment from working towards that goal – enjoying the journey even though there may be some pitfalls and moments of creative tension, especially if we are asked to push the envelope of our own comfort zone.

Enthusiasm is non-confrontational it does not create winners and losers nor does it need to manipulate people.  Stress and ego, on the other hand, always try and take something from someone else.  Enthusiasm has its own abundant energy source, as it is consciously connected and so does not need to take from others.

It would seem, according to Eckhart Tolle, enthusiasm and ego cannot co-exist.

If we get good at sensing when we are in the ‘ego’ and when we are in ‘enthusiasm’ then it will help guide us as we learn to remain consciously connected to our true selves and to real life; enabling us to be better business decision-makers and team workers in the increasingly challenging and volatile environments we find ourselves in.

Unfortunately, much of today’s current economic and social paradigm feeds our fears, insecurities and egos encouraging us to dis-connect from our conscious connection.  Progress has no patience it would seem and so we find ourselves easily becoming detached from our real human nature; in turn progress itself becomes polluted and polluting. So often we fight the fire while feeding the flames.

Even if the outer purpose is to create Heaven on Earth, if it is done without conscious connection it will be of the ego where the means will inevitably corrupt the ends.   The old saying goes ‘the road to hell is paved with many a good intention’.

As Einstein once said, ‘find work that you love, then you will not have to work for the rest of your life’.

This becomes the joy of being through doing – the act of doing what you love brings greater awareness of the present moment and a deeper insight into life. Hence, actions with love feed more love, and a positive virtuous cycle is set in motion.

The foundation of greatness is honouring the small things.  If each step is taken with love, with conscious connection, then each of us can achieve greatness.  As Mother Teresa once said

‘We cannot do great things, only small things with great love.’

Each of us has our own frequency, our own energy, our own path.  By consciously connecting (through being at one with ourselves and the environment around us) we vibrate at our highest potential frequency, increasing our energy and enthusiasm and improving our ability to walk our path.

The magic of life, it would seem, is being connected.  A good magician is one that is part of a larger wholeness of life whilst serving the energies that flow through that wholeness.

Let’s make magic and bring joy for ourselves and others in the process.

To help the re-connection and ‘being’, we can ‘do’ many things like meditation and yoga for instance, and yet it is also possible to re-connect as we cycle to work, walk in the park or make a cup of tea.  All we need to do is remember and sense the wonder of life within us and all around us – it is something we all had as children and it is part of our second nature.

Business greatly needs this re-connection so we can help our organisations not just survive these volatile time, but thrive in the years ahead. Business people of the future cannot afford not to be ‘connected’.  Time to re-connect.

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  1. David Sanchez permalink
    October 28, 2012 5:31 pm

    Giles this is fantastic!

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