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New year quotes and inspiration for the new direction ahead

January 2, 2013

Making the business case for sustainability is like slowing down a bus going in the wrong direction.  It’s a sensible first step but eventually the bus needs a new direction – the right one.

Each of us inherently knows the right direction ahead, yet we often forget the truth amidst a noisy, confused and maddening world. Here is a short 3 minute video clip about the new direction and here are some short quotes to helps us on our way for the year ahead…..change ahead

Life on Earth did not come about through competitive struggle but through a dynamic interplay of collaborative relationships.

The world provides enough for everyone’s need, not for everyone’s greed.

Only the man who knows the meaning of enough can be truly rich.

The journey of life is the destination. Enjoy the moment.  Love each interaction.

The most amazing place you will ever be in your life is where you are right NOW.

Find true love by re-connecting with ourselves, each other and the natural world around us.

We are all connected and part of the web of co-creation, each contributing a unique spark.

Love thy neighbor as thy self.

Each hour gives chances for new beginnings, the horizon moves forward offering chances to place new steps of change.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Stop the blame and start the change.

Start with the man in the mirror.   View ourselves not as ‘consumers’ but as ‘contributors’.nature sust3

Start TODAY, start NOW.

Pause, breathe, tune-in to the force without form. The answers are all around and within us.

He who is in harmony with nature hits the mark without effort and apprehends the truth without thinking.

The dominant mechanistic paradigm of business, science and society is breaking down to reveal a fresh new direction….it is emerging all around and within us, all we need to do is tune-in and re-connect… time to awaken and actively contribute to our brave new world.

To explore this ‘new direction’ further you can join the Face Book community here

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