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The BIG Challenge – True Sustainability – attuning with reality

October 8, 2013

In the current out-dated paradigm so often we find sustainable initiatives being bolted-on, viewed as distractions from the primary goal of the organisation (short term profit maximisation).

Ego versus Eco

Yet there are good signs of a shift in sustainability becoming core to the ethos of the purpose and people of the business and their ecosystem of stakeholders – creating real value for life. This is good business sense and a transformation from greed-based, ego-conscious short term profit maximisation for the few at the expense of life.

Attuning – individually and collectively – as leaders and co-creators with the deep wisdom of Nature helps align our sense of purpose in line with becoming in harmony with life. This Nature-attunement helps ensure we co-create the conditions conducive to life, shifting our business activities from hurting to helping. Is now not a good time to move on from carcinogenic, life-destructive ways of operating?

The BIG challenge (and perhaps why many struggle in this area) is that real nature-inspired transformation goes hand-in-hand with paradigmic transformation – whole system change.  Fundamentally, it requires a transformation of our relationship with Nature – from one of a scientific explorer objectifying and extracting things from their lived-in context for materialist content, to a deep awakening of our being part of Nature and opening ourselves up to the deeper wisdom that lies within and all around.

success3Such a shift is radical by its nature, as it goes to the root of our pressing challenges.  It is scary because it threatens to dislodge much of what our current illusion of reality is based on – materialist consumerism.  And yet, quite frankly, anything else is secondary – only of use if the paradigmic transformation is happening.  The great news is that there is great potential for synergy in ‘nature-inspired’ transformers working across the disciplines of: biomimicry, eco-psychology, eco-literacy, permaculture, indigenous wisdom, nature-based education, biophilic cities, social innovation, regenerative economy, etc. as well as the great work already being done in the biomimetic and cradle-to-cradle design space. The time is right, the landscape is ripe, it is only our fear, ego and rational minds that hold us back – our imaginations are just itching to let-go of the old, exploitative, reductionist way and embrace true sustainability for our bright future.

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