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Seven S’s for Leadership In Transformational Times

November 12, 2013

The Seven S’s of leadership in these transformational times:







  1. Silence – A quiet mind helps ensure a successful outcome.  Be still and allow the mind to quieten as often as possible throughout the day. From silence the mind is more able to identify the right choices for the road ahead.
  2. Sense – Be in the moment. Learn to really ‘listen’ to yourself and others. The local environment provides vital feedback, ‘feel’ this feedback, tune-in and act/adapt accordingly.
  3. Strategy – Ensure clarity of direction for the meandering path ahead. What are your instincts saying? What really turns you on? What makes your heart sing? Why are you doing what you are doing? Follow your heart with a clear mind.  Allow it to navigate your transformation with passion and conviction.
  4. Small steps – Each step provides chances to make positive change happen.  Endeavour to take each step, each interaction and intervention with authenticity.
  5. Stakeholders – Recognise, engage and empower the interested parties. Tensions may be uncomfortable and energy/time consuming, yet they are inevitable and can help hone right navigation for the path ahead. Through stakeholder engagement, tension can become a constructive force stimulating learning and development; where ‘dinergy’ leads to synergy.
  6. Systems – Transcend perceived boundaries to see connectedness; the interconnected systems of relationships and resources.
  7. Solutions – Problems and challenges abound and the glass can often seem half-empty in challenging times. Explore solutions, the art of the possible; what can be done (rather than what cannot) through solution creating, collaborating, proto-typing and experimenting.  Channel energy from fear and worry to solution exploration.

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