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The Nature of Business – Redesigning For Resilience In An Increasingly Volatile World

April 23, 2014

As we draw more and more on the earth’s resources, we have compromised almost to breaking point the earth’s carrying capacity and its ability to self-heal. The title of this book, The Nature of Business, holds a basic truth we have all but forgotten but are rapidly having to re-learn – that human activity and the natural environment are interlocked, one wholly dependant on the other for sustenance, each dependant on the other for survival. In our consumer-driven society, nowhere is this process of re-education more urgent than in the businesses which mediate our call on natural resources. Giles Hutchins’ biomimetic approach applies principles based on the form and function of natural systems to construct a new paradigm for doing business, working in partnership with nature to help create a more sustainable future.

The Nature of business cover JJ amend.indd

The simple message is that respecting the environment and enhancing social value also makes good business sense. In a resource-constrained and environmentally-stressed future, firms embracing this concept will stand the best chance of survival. Illustrative case studies point to the good news that these so-called firms of the future are already among us, in their turn influencing business practices up and down their supply chains. A transformative book in its own right, The Nature of Business should be read by everyone engaged in the future-proofing of their business. – Gev Eduljee. Director of External Affairs SITA UK


Infused with ancient wisdom, and in equal parts provocative and practical, this book serves as a compass for business leaders to build the firm of the future – a firm that creates conditions conducive to life and well-being. Hutchins compellingly connects value creation, human constituents, and natural foundations of business. The book is a rich source of inspiration and practical advice, bound to become a reference for business leaders and those teaching students of business. To be viable, the firm of the future will need to create conditions conducive to life and well-being. This book beautifully maps the transformative journey for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. – Dr. Monika Winn, Winspear Scholar and Professor, Business Strategy and Sustainability, Director, Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation


Simply the best new book on business and management in many years! Hutchins combines the latest understanding of ecology, biology, sociology and behavioural science with a review of the best company practices and applications. If more company executives use this book as their guide to our global common future, we might actually see acceleration of the needed shift underway to long-term sustainability and a cleaner, greener, more equitable, information-richer global economy. – Hazel Henderson, D.Sc.Hon. FRSA, author Building A Win-Win World and other books, President, Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil)


Find the book here:

and for Amazon UK here Nature of Business

and here is the Amazon link for the North American version of book.

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