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Emancipation Beyond Materialism – let’s get right to the heart of the matter

August 28, 2014


Yesterday’s logic of materialism and egotism has stripped bare our inner and outer worlds, creating wastelands in desperate need of restorative regeneration.

Our world and humanity require emancipation from the enslaving grip of this egotism and materialism.

Through how we interrelate – our attitude – we can help break-free of negative patterns and mind-sets that drain our life energy. In so doing, we allow energy to flow into new patterns, new ways of relating and operating.

At its most fundamental, this is an act of love where we re-awakened to the sacred wonder of life beyond the confines of self-limiting logic.

‘Through the simple recognition of life’s nature as we go about our ordinary lives, we open ourselves and the world around us to dimensions within life that have been veiled from us by all the layers of projections, patterns of denial… Within our consciousness the inner and outer, the visible and the unseen worlds, can come together and speak to each other and our split-apart world can become whole again.’  Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

It is our consciousness that allows a commingling of these primal and potent energies within us. We are midwives to these new ways of relating so essential to life beyond the illusion of separation and fear.

‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.’ Bob Marley

An attunement of our consciousness within the deeper consciousness of Nature through every evolving moment is our birth-right. This is our inherent capacity as humans, where we re-cognise the wisdom of Nature. It is nothing other than the present moment in our midst that provides the opportunity for this sacred awakening whereupon we birth (or resurrect) a new dawn. Problems, anxieties and fears fade like mist with the morning sun as we free ourselves from self-imposed restrictions formed by the control-based logic of our collective mind-set.

Life’s divine nature is the simple presence of each unfolding, participatory moment, unadulterated by our grasping for conclusions, categories, facts and figures. The primal magic of Nature is here-and-now; here is where the answers lie.

‘Look deep into Nature and you will find the answers’ Albert Einstein

nature devon viewThis is the wisdom that beholds the answers to how we live on this planet sustainably and how we best adapt to the unfolding challenges in our midst.

‘We are here to remember the sacred nature of life… Divine presence is not an isolated occurrence, not a single sighting to be revered… but an outpouring of love that is a constant stream coming into life… It needs to be embodied and fully lived.’ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Our science is helping us understand the sentience of every cell, and yet still we collectively struggle to perceive the intense beauty of life beyond the veil of our egotism and materialism.

It is our own egos that cast us out from the inherent wisdom of Nature by creating a sense of separation and isolation in us that then tyrannises over us in the form of fear, anxiety, competitiveness, envy, control and resentment. In encapsulating ourselves in our own ‘comfortably numb’ ego-consciousness we sever ourselves from wisdom and corrupt our attitude by attempting to enslave and control the wild, unpredictability of reality. Enter the social, economic and ecological mess in our midst.

Now is the time to re-sacralise the flowing, connective, enchanting magic of each evolving moment.

‘He who is harmony with Nature hits the mark without effort and apprehends the truth without thinking.’ Confucius

By re-membering our true Nature once again, we re-open the gates of grace and allow love to flow through all we be and do.  This is our evolutionary path, leaving behind the distracting and ultimately fruitless side-shows of egotism and materialism. This alone will rob the illusion of its corrupting power at source. Then our true meaning and purpose will become clear as day.

To explore this ‘new logic’ further and find out more about upcoming talks and events, join the Face Book community here

Hot of the Press: Giles Hutchins new book The Illusion of Separation is due out in a few weeks.

‘With clarity and insight Giles Hutchins analyses the roots of our present collective mindset of separation, and yet shows how science and spirituality point to a deeper, inclusive consciousness. Here are signposts for a future that is vitally needed in the present moment, if we dare to cross the threshold and awaken to a direct experience of a world alive with love.’  – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, PhD, Sufi teacher and author, Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth


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