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Sacred Living – Life Beyond Separation

January 12, 2015

From as early as I can recall, I have been deeply in love with life, awe-struck by its amazing beauty and unfathomable intrinsic and exquisite richness. Throughout my life, however, I have endured wounding experiences as it dawned on me the extent to which our prevalent way of life defecates, with scant regard, this sacred beauty in our midst. progressionAutumn

While there is much to be down-beat about these days, inured as we are by a paradigm short on love and big on fear, it is a period where our scientific discoveries are verifying the ancient knowing that consciousness pervades all aspects of our world and universe. Innate at all scales of our microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds is an all-pervasive presence, a cosmic ocean, matrix or womb; what quantum scientists call a ‘quantum vacuum’ and mystics before us have called the Tao, Akasha, Shekinah, Divine Ground, Motherly Space, Cosmic Intellect.

Everything dances with its own unique vibration yet immersed within the deeper symphony of life: the music of the spheres. Consciousness is a universal phenomenon with individual beings displaying their own uniqueness yet embodied within this universal consciousness. We are differentiated yet not separated; diversity a beautiful display of unity. This is the sacredness of life. progression4

Science and spirituality, psychic and physical, nature and nurture, mind and matter, yin and yang co-create as communing lovers, interplaying in a way that makes the word ‘and’ between them a poor representation of reality. Words, as Ralph Waldo Emerson knew, cannot cover the dimensions of truth, they only chop up, fragment and so impoverish it.  In reality, there is no fragmenting separation, no ‘and’ nor ‘either/or’, only a fluid attunement of co-creative tensions.

And so, our modern minds – plagued as we are with the illusion of separation, self-created in order to grasp, define and manipulate the ever-changing fluid flux of this world – are beginning to perceive a deeper reality beyond the confines of our materialism. This beginning is an awakening, no less, which comes with the profound, ancient realisation that we are participating within the intelligent process of our own evolution nested within the soulful destiny of Nature. This awakening is a metamorphosis of our prevailing anthropocentric logic underlying today’s rampant consumerism transforming into the wise logic of being inspired by and in harmony with Nature.

kali 4 ‘It is only through awakening to an awareness of the sacred within creation, and of its relationship to our own sacred nature, that we can begin to redeem the primal imbalance that lies at the root of our present predicament.’ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

As Confucius said five centuries before Christ, ‘He who is harmony with Nature hits the mark without effort and apprehends the truth without thinking.’   In seeing beyond the illusion of separation we begin to attune with the wisdom of life itself, the wave realising its part of the ocean, the knower and the known empathically embracing their reciprocity, and the unity within diversity becoming self-evident. Leonardo

Sacred ecology – or spiritual ecology (as Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee writes about in Spiritual Ecology) – is born from this attunement, and is essential for the ‘Great Turning’ now in our midst. Here, the separate self becomes a differentiated expression within deeper Nature: our souls attune within the oceanic anima mundi. Here we re-cognise the wisdom of Nature as within and all around us: reciprocity, diversity, co-creativity, fluidity, resilience, emergence, divinity, grace, consciousness.

This is a far cry from the centralised, hierarchic, control-based, reductionist, quantised logic pervading many of today’s commercial, social, environmental, religious, governmental and non-profit organisations. Bring on the revolution of the soul; 2015 is the year for metamorphosis no less.

Life’s destiny = learning to love: learning to love our selves (our conscious and unconscious depths of mind, heart, body, soul), to love each other (relating authentically through our quality of attention in opening up to the unfolding reciprocity of life), and to love Nature (the matrix of life itself, the cosmic womb of our being and becoming, the all-pervasive Sophia flowing through and beyond us)…this is the magic of radical sustainability and it needs no money, no manipulation, no hurry, no worry, no stress; a path that leads to our authentic being in the world through courage and wisdom.

We do not need to impose another ideology or set of beliefs onto reality.  Instead, we need to hold space for opening and heightening our attention individually and collectively – this way we can allow the truth to co-creatively emerge free from dogma.  Nature, within and all around us, is the participating aliveness of this co-creativity.  There is no better time and place than the situation we find ourselves in for us to open our hearts and minds to Nature – this is the beginning of a truly sustainable logic: inspired by and in harmony with Nature.

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