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The Castration of Nature

February 23, 2015

The scientific materialism of modernity has castrated our comprehension of Nature by casting out its psyche and soul from our rational mind’s eye – the single vision and Newton’s sleep William Blake warned us of. sophia1 In abstracting ‘things’ from their lived-in context, our narrowed-down materialistic perspective of the world de-natures Nature in to nothing more than a collection of objects to be manipulated by us for us.  Materialism extracts spirit from Nature and in the process drains the life-blood from reality and our own sense of self within Nature so that we sever our connection with deeper Nature. As a result our individual psyches and collective psyche get out-of-kilter and dis-eased causing us profound suffering and anxiety which then fuels a lusting, wanting, owning, consuming mentality. HutchinsIllusionOfSeparation To re-sacralise Nature in our mind’s eye is, therefore, the most fundamental of all actions for our present day activist to embark upon. It gets to the root of the mother of all problems and emancipates us from the imprisonment of our own making; with this re-sacralisation we breakthrough the walls of this illusion. Gone with the illusion is our carcinogenic way.

The dominant worldview of the world and universe as purposeless and devoid of consciousness is the same materialistic worldview that pervades our media, arts, philosophy, education, science and economics. It is a mechanistic logic that sets us apart from each other and Nature; it pits us against each other where Nature is viewed as a ‘war of all against all’. It creates a carcinogenic way of attending and an evolutionary path of selfish ascendency where the cancer sets about destroy its host and then winds up killing itself.  It is not in the least wise. kali 4 The founders of Western philosophy respected the innate wisdom of life beyond the confines of any illusory sense of separation, yet over time we have tended towards egotism and materialism, debasing ourselves and demeaning Nature.

Time is no longer on our side. It’s time for humanity to live up to its name of wise beings and recognise the insanity of our own mindset. It’s time to move beyond a self-absorbed and parasitic logic fuelling the rush hour of our insanity.

When do we find the space and time in our busy lives to ask the real questions about ‘why are we here’, ‘what is life’, ‘where do we go from here’, ‘what is true love’.  How often in our daily escapades do we notice the immense awesome beauty of life?

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, what would we do if the stars only came out once every thousand years? No one would sleep that night, and we would get religious quick. Instead they come out every night and we watch TV. kali 9 The whole way of thought and conduct within our Western way of life is being called into question as it is no longer fit for purpose for the times we find ourselves in. Out of the transformative fires ahead of us a phoenix of new consciousness will rise, a consciousness that will quicken us into listening, awakening, sensing and attuning with the sacred beauty and Truth of Nature’s wisdom within and all around us. This is what these transformational times demand of us – to activate the infinite potential of the seemingly super-natural, paranormal all-pervasiveness of Nature’s wisdom.

As Einstein remarked, today’s paranormal is tomorrow’s normal. To explore ‘the new paradigm’ further, join the Face Book community here For a complete podcast series on this shift in paradigm see here

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