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Living with Nature

June 28, 2016

‘Those who take for their standard anyone but nature – the mistress of all masters – weary themselves in vain’ – Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Royal Society of Arts is pleased to have Giles Hutchins & Andres Roberts for the “Living with Nature” session on 14 September at The Rainmaking Loft, St Katherine’s Dock.

The world is getting faster and more complex, and the status quo doesn’t seem fit-for-purpose anymore. While we accelerate in speed and industrial growth, our wellbeing, equality, and social and ecological balance are at ever greater risk.

We seem to be living in a time of unprecedented separation – from ourselves, each other and the wider world we are part of. And yet there are signs of our waking-up to the innate inter-dependence of life.


Scientists and researchers across the disciplines of neurology, ecology, sociology, organisational development and anthropology are now uncovering the vital importance of our relationship with nature (and by nature we do not mean something out there, we mean what is within and all around us, what social ecologist Gregory Bateson referred to as the Mind of Nature).

Ancient wisdom traditions the world over have long known the importance of being rooted within nature. And pioneering contemporary psychologists are increasingly recognising that our sense of separation from nature underpins the profound socio-economic problems we face today, from consumerism to climate change.

Living with Nature goes right to the heart of matter by exploring our sense of place and purpose within our more-than-human world.


Clearly this is an immensely rich and deep topic to attempt to do justice to in a two hour evening session after a long day in the office. What is in store for those who attend is a window of opportunity to embody, reflect and explore our personal and collective relationship with nature.

About the speakers

Giles Hutchins is a speaker, writer and adviser on ways in which our human systems can find harmony with nature. His latest book – Future Fit – explores regenerative business; business that creates the conditions conducive for life to flourish.

Andres Roberts, co-founder of Way of Nature UK, is a guide, facilitator and leadership and change advisor dedicated to wholeness, purpose and balance. He has dedicated much of his life and work to helping positive change happen through art, play and nature.

Places are free of charge but please do book here. We look forward to seeing you there!

Location: Rainmaking Loft, International House, 1 St Katharine’s Way, London, E1W 1UN

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  1. June 29, 2016 12:36 am

    Love the sound of this – wish I could be there for the “living with Nature” session – but its a long way from NZ 😉

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