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Regenerative Leadership – Leadership fit for the 21st Century

February 27, 2018

Time to move!

2018 and we are reaching a tipping point.  The winds of change are here, upon us now.

In the corridors of power, corporate board-rooms, business schools and conference halls I speak and advise at, I  sense these winds of change blowing through us, challenging the status-quo group-think of yesterday, changing our conversations, catalysing new ways of leading and operating, right here, right now.

More and more I come across leaders of all ages passionate about replacing the flawed mind-set and out-dated paradigm that causes huge strain on our personal, social and ecological systems.

A new way is emerging at the pioneering envelope of future-fit business. This new way draws on regenerative principles. A paradigm that moves away from the take, make, dispose of our natural and human resources and instead makes room for consciousness to evolve and for creativity to flourish.

To be ‘regenerative’ essentially means to attune with the way nature works, because nature is essentially regenerative.

‘The goal of life is to live in agreement with nature’  – Zeno of Elea

Yet core to this simple realisation is a shift in how we see the world, a shift in worldvew.

We are living through an epochal shift in our worldview, where we are witnessing the still dominant yet out-dated worldview of Newtonian reductionism breaking down and a living-systems worldview breaking through.  It is at once a challenging, courageous, humbling and hugely exciting time to be alive.

The old worldview breaks things down into constituent parts, it reduces and mechanises life into bits and bytes.  This serves a purpose and has been hugely beneficial in terms of the advances in science, technology, medicine, transportation, etc. that we all enjoy.

What we now know about how the world really works, is enabling us to realise life is actually far more to do with inter-relationality, participation and connectedness than it is about separation, silo’ing and mechanisation.

As our understanding of life deepens, so too do everyday assumptions in business and beyond.  For instance, much of today’s business management mind-set is rooted in scientific management theory, Taylorism and Neo-Darwinism – dog-eat-dog competition, individualistic self-agency, carrot-and-stick coercion, bureaucratic power-based hierarchies, soul-sapping corporate cultures, and quick-buck profiteering at the expense of the vitality of life, are the sad reality of today’s norm.

The old worldview sees the ‘organisation-as-machine’

The new worldview sees the ‘organisation-as-living-system’ – purposeful, vibrant and life-affirming

This requires a new-norm in how we lead ourselves, our teams, our organisations, our communities, our societies.

The good news is, this new-norm is emerging now, not just on the horizon, but in the day-to-day reality of future-fit organisations. By example, the manufacturer Pantheon Chemicals , the cleaning company Zenith Cleaners, the health and wellbeing provider Weleda, the financial services organisation Triodos, the multimedia company Sounds True. The sector and complexity is quite irrelevant, only the mind-set and courage to become more-human, more life-affirming is what counts.

This new-norm draws it vitality from a new worldview, a new way of seeing life.  A worldview that sees the innate interconnectedness, and senses the inter-relational participatory weave-and-weft of the world.

This new-norm is a new way of being-and-doing. It is a new way of living and leading.  We call it Regenerative Leadership because it helps us regenerate ourselves while contributing to the innate regenerative potential of life.

The time has come to stand up and lean-in to the future we wish to see.

True leaders of today understand that we’re all part of an interconnected intelligence rooted in nature’s regenerative living-systems. Learning to harness the creativity, innovation, vibrancy and renewal of this is key to re-designing a regenerative world.

This is the beating heart of life-affirming conscious business. 

The is a community of professionals dedicated to working together to re-design a world where purpose, people, planet and profit collectively thrive. A world built on regenerative principles. A world where we understand that everything in life is interconnected.

To celebrate the launch of we are hosting a very special Regenerative Leadership Learning Journey in a stunning and luxurious location in Sweden to share many years of hard-won experience with you on how to become regenerative leaders today.

As we shift our worldview from separateness into interconnectedness, we open ourselves up to blind-spots within ourselves and within our ways of relating with others. Our cognitive processes change, and we become more sensitised to changes in the system we are operating in.

As regenerative leaders, we need to cultivate self-awareness and systemic-awareness, and then bring this into the everyday thick-of-it, while applying regenerative business principles.  It is not an easy undertaking, and is not for the faint-hearted.

Why not take a few days out of your busy schedule to deep-dive into the wisdom of nature. Tap into the creativity and intelligence that lies inherent in living-systems approaches and learn how to use this creative regenerative dynamic to bring you closer to a conscious way of leading, living and thriving as a leader.

On this special Learning Journey retreat 23-25 May in Sweden, we will deep-dive into the concepts and practicalities of regenerative and future-fit leadership. Spread over three days in nature, hosted in an idyllic location, next to a lake and woods, with wholesome fine cuisine, hearty fire-side sharing, luxury Bedouin tents, floating sauna, afternoon walks, guided meditations and best-in-class masterclasses on Regenerative Leadership, it is a once-in-a-life-time learning experience.

This learning journey is dedicated to cultivate, nourish and catalyse the next level of conscious leadership for a thriving world.

If you know in your heart that things need to change, and are up for having your heart-and-mind opened in a safe convivial learning environment, then you can register your interest here and we shall be in touch:

To explore ‘the new paradigm’ further, join the Face Book community here

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