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The Journey Towards Next-Stage Leadership  – The Vitality of Regenerative Leadership

February 7, 2019

Recently I have been blessed with some great executive coaching engagements and conversations about the cool-reality of making next-stage life-affirming business a reality (including ‘Teal’, ‘Agile’, ‘Sustainability’, ‘Conscious Leadership’).

How does next-stage leadership development and organizational development best work in tandem?

How does ‘Teal’ sit alongside a deep personal practice of connecting to source, for instance, ‘Theory U’?

The business leaders in-the-field doing the hard-graft of transforming their cultures into regenerative businesses, all agree that one aspect of this transformational journey is vital: the journey towards wholeness. 

And yet it is all-too-often this very aspect that many of us attempt to gloss-over, side-track or ignore as we consume new tools, techniques, models, methodologies, structures and systems.

Soon the transformation becomes lifeless – yet another cook-book consultancy model or managerial method that does little to move us towards the vibrant, flourishing, regenerative futures our hearts know is possible.

There is a tendency to look outward and flee the inner-work required for next-generation regenerative business.  This tendency is within us all.  By noticing it, we can start to recognise the need within ourselves to create adequate space-and-time to reflect, to pause, to check-in, to re-find right-relation with self-other-life, and integrate parts of ourselves waking-up and also honour parts of ourselves dying.

Social design systems – whether they be Swarm or White Space technologies, Art of Hosting or Holding Space, Agile Leadership or Authentic Leadership, Holacracy or Sociocracy – only come alive when they are lived amid the journey towards wholeness.

A CEO of a large housing association, who has radically transformed their culture amid very challenging business conditions, shared with me how her personal development has been fundamental to the cultural shift.  She notes ‘I have engaged in a lot of personal development over the last 5 years to ensure I can role model the new way. People need to look at the CEO and know that they are whole-heartedly engaging in the transformation. It gives others the courage.’

Hence, the importance of ‘social relational methods’ such as Theory U that focus on the inner-work needed to truly transform.  This is why I love taking leaders on nature-immersions as this simple yet deep work enables us to re-connect with our inner-selves while exploring and embodying the necessary path of inner-development.

‘The Nature Immersion with Giles was just what I needed! Giles beautifully crafted a deeply nurturing atmosphere where the group could connect with self, others and nature. I was able to deeply reflect on my life, my purpose and the changes that I needed to make in my life, to enhance my effectiveness as a leader within my work at a business school.
– Sharon Olivier, Programme Director, Ashridge Business School

 ‘What I didn’t expect when I signed-up to attend a one-day nature immersion retreat with Giles was the opening up of a whole new world. The experience opened my eyes to the energy and beauty of this amazing place. During the final campfire session I felt a deep connection to the group and something much bigger than all of us. I highly recommend this programme.’
– Michaela Wright, Director, HSBC

For more on these open and bespoke immersions visit:

Over my 20yrs in business consultancy, I can safely say that well-held nature immersions cut through into the deep space required for next-stage leadership development like nothing else.

The deep reflection, deep listening, space to reflect, energy work, somatic engagement – all of this is part of what allows the inner-journey to transform our outer ways of showing-up in the workplace.  It is this that underpins self-management, agility, and learning developmental organizational cultures.

There is no short-cut.

As one leading Teal specialist recently shared with me, how we integrate the journey towards wholeness in the day-to-day thick-of-it, in the here-and-now is the real challenge.  The workplace is not a therapy room, and we need to get on with doing while also contributing to a nurturing wholesome environment.  This is an artful dance.

We explore this artful dance, along with case studies, deep-dives and masterclasses in this upcoming special one-day seminar in a lovely location just outside Copenhagen, have a look at this link, and if it resonates please come and join us and a diverse group of leaders and practitioners:


 “A profound experience, beautifully held. An excellent mix of theory, reflective exercises and peer-to-peer learning, providing me the strength, resilience, direction and clarity I need of my leadership work.”

“Intellectually stimulating AND existentially exhilarating!”

To explore ‘the new paradigm’ further, join the Face Book community here


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