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Next-stage Leadership and Organisations for a ‘New-Norm’ in Business and Beyond

July 5, 2019

‘What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.’ Richard Bach

Times they are a changing!  A new kind of leadership and a new kind of organisation is metamorphosing before our very eyes:

Increasing volatility, complexity and uncertainty is the new norm, hence our organizations need to be able to not just survive but thrive amidst unceasing transformation.

This new norm demands a new way of operating and organizing in business.

Yesterday’s logic is a hierarchic, KPI-obsessed, siloed, control-based mind-set that reduces down the ability of our organisations to adapt and evolve amid volatility.

A new business logic is now called for – the logic of living-systems – where we enliven our organisations to become agile, adaptive and alive; work cultures that unlock our creative brilliance and stimulate our collective intelligence.

The organisation-as-machine mentality is giving way to organisation-as-living-system.

This is a fundamental overhaul of the underlying logic of how we do business; it’s challenging yet immensely rewarding. Detailed studies show that organisations applying living-systems logic consistently out-perform their mechanistic counterparts. It’s simply good business sense.

The most important challenge and opportunity facing our leaders, managers, and change agents today is our ability to embrace this deep and fundamental shift in logic – a shift in how we think, perceive and relate – amid the busyness of today’s frenetic work-life.


This next-stage of leadership and organisational develop is not just about being more agile, more innovative, more purposeful, more sustainable – its about all these things and more! It’s what we call Regenerative Leadership & Regenerative Business

Regenerative business requires us to go beyond the surface and symptomatic into transforming mind-sets at deep and partly unconscious levels. From bottom-up ways of relating, to the over-arching strategic intent of how and why we do business, a root-and-branch transformation is required. What a challenging, yet stimulating and deeply rewarding time to be involved in the future of business: a metamorphosis no less.

So what does Regenerative Business look and feel like in practice?

There is a general shift away from narrowly controlling the siloes of business functions into a widening of our perceptual horizon to perceive the relations across our organization and across our business ecosystem of stakeholders. Each of us takes personal responsibility for understanding the dynamics of relations in our sphere of influence, and seeks to enhance the synergistic value-creation potential of these relationships, not in a ‘trade-off’ win-win or win-lose kind of way, but in a deeper more human – more natural, heartfelt and authentic – way of creating and delivering value for Life. While being focused on our area of responsibility, we are also continually scanning our emerging landscape and learning to ‘read’ the emerging future, sensing and responding to new information, opportunities and challenges that arise. We work in self-organizing, locally-attuning ways continually prototyping and learning as we go. This is a far-cry from the top-down machine mentality of much of today’s corporations.

The more conscious you and I can be, as the leaders and change agents in our organisations, of this necessary shift in consciousness now required, the more able we are to bring it through into our ways of relating, our meeting conventions, decision-making protocols and everyday processes of human relating.  It’s this that creates the nutritious soil from which our living organisations can truly thrive in the transformational times ahead.

For more on how to cultivate the conditions for next-stage organisations and next-stage leadership – read this new book by experts Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm: Regenerative Leadership


The clarity, inspiration, synergy and wisdom of this book is breath-taking. –  Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE, former Chief Executive  of 157 Group, Centre for Excellence in Leadership


Giles and Laura bring their vast experience and deep wisdom to create an evolutionary blueprint for a sustainable future for business, people and the planet. –  Richard Barrett, President of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values


This book is full of wisdom and determination! It will inspire leaders to succeed in the 21st Century.- Tim Flannery, scientist


A must read for anyone who wants to shape a regenerative organization. – Jean-Claude Pierre, CEO Scott Bader

You can purchase the book here:

also available on Amazon and all good book shops.

To explore this ‘new paradigm’ further, join the Face Book community here


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