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Regenerative Leadership – why now?

April 7, 2021

‘It’s hard to imagine a more relevant and timely book at this point in our existence and one that has become even more so in the face of the global pandemic. While many of us recognise the faults and the unintentional, but horribly destructive and deeply demoralising consequences of the ways our societies now operate, few can imagine what it is we can realistically do instead.

With increasing division and polarisation, rising inequality, burgeoning levels of poor mental health and catastrophic damage to the natural environment we are dependent upon for our survival, our experiential quality of life is heading in the wrong direction.  When we spend the majority of our time doing something we wouldn’t choose to do if we could afford not to, so that we can spend the minority of our time doing what we want to do and even then, often wishing for something else instead, we want to know: how do we get off the hamster wheel?

In Regenerative Leadership, Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm guide us to the answers. They remind us that we are living organisms, rather than standardised machines as the corporate world has come to think of us. They show us how we are an intrinsic part of the natural ecosystem and the possibilities available to us when we reconnect with all its rhythms, cycles and incredibly vibrant diversity.

In a world that has come to value money above life and where inanimate organisations are prioritised above the humans who created them and for whom they were created, this book is a highly practical, evidence-based and beautifully narrated explanation of the leadership we so desperately need right now.  As we work harder and longer than we ever have, in some of the most challenging circumstances we have ever faced, it’s time for us to see how our largely unconscious expectation to operate as if in an eternal Summer (infinite and continuous year on year growth), is neither possible or desirable.

Thank you to Giles and Laura for guiding us back to (our true) nature.’

‘Hutchins’ and Storm’s Regenerative Leadership shines a bright light on one of the most critical, and least understood capacities required of anyone and any institution seeking to work regeneratively—understanding and living into the three-fold dynamics of what the book calls the DNA of regenerative leadership. By growing the consciousness required to simultaneously work on developing ourselves, the wholes we are a part of, and the unique contributions we and they are called to make to the larger life world we depend on, we just might be able to achieve the regenerative capacity the Earth is asking for.’  

–  Pamela Mang, co-founder of Regenesis and co-author of Regenerative Development and Design.     

‘The clarity, inspiration, synergy and wisdom of Regenerative Leadership is breath-taking. It offers a rich delicious mixture of theory, case studies, invaluable tools and leading edge practices and insights. For leaders genuinely seeking to be effective, sustainable and successful while contributing to making the world, and their organizations far better places this is the must read book of the year. I couldn’t put it down.’ 

–  Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE, former Chief Executive  of 157 Group, Centre for Excellence in Leadership

‘Hutchins and Storm demonstrate that they are clearly at the forefront of a new leadership paradigm that maps an emerging model for sustainable organization in any institution that wishes to thrive. Regenerative Leadership is built upon developing awareness of self and system that embraces the wisdom of Nature alongside creative human consciousness. It is an ideal model that recognizes the potential of living systems to revive organizations and leadership to be effective drivers for the next step in our human story. Hutchins and Storm know what they are talking about – and we should start listening.’ 

– Kingsley L. Dennis, The Sacred Revival – Magic, Mind & Meaning in a Technological Age

Thank you for the support of these specialists in their field and many many more people who have written reviews of the book, and those of you who are kindly sharing the book, mini-reviews, photos and comments on LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media – you know who you are, and we deeply thank you for this sharing-the-vibe.  Laura and I are blown away by the interest in the book, and from hearing how it has inspired leaders from all walks of life to start being the change they wish to see in their lives and in their organisations.

Just last week Laura has been interviewed for CNN on Regenerative Leadership, so perhaps the scales are tipping in the right direction, and finally what the world needs is actually starting to become mainstream, or atleast more widely accepted.  There is always hope amid these tumultuous times!

In case of interest, here is a podcast interview Laura and I recently gave for The Edison Electric Institute:

Feel free to join the Leadership Immersions LinkedIn group here:

And watch this short book video here:

And you can find more about the book here at

Thank you for your support and sharing : ) Happy spring-time 2021. Times they are a changin’ Each of us creates trim-tabs to shift this transformation in the right direction. With Love, Giles & Laura

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