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Firm of The Future

July 30, 2012

Due to a ‘perfect storm’ of economic, social and environmental factors, our business landscape is becoming more and more volatile.

The pace of change, too, is increasing. To succeed in business we must be agile, creative, alert, spontaneous and responsive – often operating in completely new ways. Today’s rapidly changing business environment calls for businesses that thrive in rapidly changing environments: businesses more akin to living systems. These ‘Firms of the Future’ can learn and adapt; they aren’t structured and silo’ed, which stifles learning and agility. These firms are also bottom-up, decentralised, interdependent, multifunctional, emergent, self-organizing units–not the centralised, top-down, hierarchically-managed monoliths of the 20th century.

Put simply, the business models and management approaches that served us well in the past, are no longer fit for purpose in a business context where dynamic change is the new norm.

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