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Real Sustainable Business – whole and parts

August 3, 2012

As the world becomes ever more globalised and inter-dependent so too must businesses interconnect the value-creation potential of social, environmental and economic factors.

This holistic approach to value ensures two important aspects are dealt with correctly for the firm of the future :

  1. 1. The values of the organisation are congruent with the value creation objectives of the organisation (social, environmental and economic). This means values and value reinforce each other and so a values-led culture drives the value creation potential of the organisation. This is fundamental to enabling local attunement, agility, empowerment and creative freedom governed by values and value focus, not by hierarchical command and control.
  2. The value creation potential of the organisation is realised for the short, medium and long term through a deep understanding of all relationships and resources within the organisation and wider business ecosystem. By rooting value creation in holistic value, the organisation can walk the talk; no more need for defensive protectionism or hidden exploitation, ensuring encouragement of mutually beneficial business activities for all stakeholders.

It is this awareness of the whole, the interconnected parts and the respective limits within which we operate that is at the heart of sustainable business. Creating the conditions conducive to life through values-led business is the bright future of business.

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