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One step beyond fire-fighting, is the ignition of a cultural metamorphosis – are you ready?

February 11, 2016

Much vital energy is expended putting out fires while overlooking the need to change the mind-set that causes the fires in the first place.

And so, while important patching up and repairing is undertaken, the problems keep flowing with ever deepening and widening ramifications for ourselves and our children.

butterfly true

The root cause of our sea of troubles is a flawed logic that sets us apart from, and in competition with, our own true nature.

We have become inured in a way of thinking that undermines our humanity, causing all sorts of problems for ourselves, each other and the wider fabric of Life.

This logic is now acculturated, with our cultural constructs, education systems and socio-economic methods steeped in it. It pervades our daily consciousness to such an extent that much of our collective activity assumes it to be just-the-way-life-is.

But it urgently needs addressing if, that is, we are interested in leaving a better world for our children.

To change a cultural mind-set is no small task, yet (fortunately) many people are already on the case, and momentum is building.

flower & butterfly

The good news is that this profound shift in our cultural mind-set is a liberation of our humanity, an emancipation of the innate empathy, joy, authenticity and biophilic nature of who we truly are.

The more we open up our hearts and minds the more we see beyond the separation, fear and control of yesterday’s logic.

A veil begins to lift from the confusing complex cacophony of our challenges, and a deeper knowing about our way out of this mess becomes apparent.

‘The greatest voyage of our lifetimes, is not in the seeking of new landscapes but in the seeing with new eyes.’ Marcel Proust

Put simply, our development, our learning, our evolution, needs to be rooted in a remembering of the wisdom of Life all around and within us.  As Zen teacher Susan Murphy Roshi says, ‘we need to relearn the fundamentals that were once natural to us.’

Today, with each moment, we can begin to sense the innermost weave of the world through our soulful way of being beyond the superficiality of our fragmenting ego; this natural flow of grace is just out of reach of the fickle ego’s endless grasping of having, wanting, owning, controlling, consuming.

To be fully present with self, others and our world is to open up to the wisdom Life. And with this natural grace comes a warmth, an ease, a love, and a righting of ourselves, a healing of our relations, and a birthing of something wiser.

This is not some luxury for the ‘top 1%’ this is our birth-right, our natural capacity as human-beings.

Each and everyone of us has the capacity to become conscious of our interconnectedness with Life, to presence Life as it really is beyond our own ego-filters, acculturations and jaundice judgments.


Mother Nature hear our prayer. Forgive us our trespasses.

As we become conscious of our carcinogenic way of life, we wake up to what we are doing – destroying our future for a superficial present.

‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do’ (Luke 23:34) applies to the unaware, unconscious, asleep. We now live in an era where our carcinogenic ways are known to us… can we truly expect Mother Nature to forgive us our trespasses Ad Infinitum?

What we sow we shall reap.  It’s time to learn this basic lesson of Life.


It’s time to start sowing the seeds of our future well-being; sowing the seeds of wisdom and love.

Our current time is the time of the darkening of the light, a time when we experience breakdown that yields breakthrough.

It is up to each of us to take personal responsibility for becoming conscious of, and then start to walk, the only viable path open to us, which begins with opening ourselves up to our authentic human nature found within the wellsprings of our hearts, while learning to quieten the ego-chatter of our thinking minds.

‘We can not do great things, we can only do small things with great love.’ Mother Teresa

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