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What’s next for our human family?

March 2, 2016

I was recently asked this question while being interviewed in London for a short film.  Here is my response:

Amid these times of great upheaval and challenge we are midwifing the birthing of our authentic selves, simultaneously midwifing the metamorphosis of our humanity, within our organizations, communities and wider society. And this birthing inevitably comes with surrendering, pain and an opening up to deeper vistas of what it means to be human.


This surrendering is not a passive act, but a full-bodied, participatory dynamic opening us up to a more intimate experience of Life. It is a letting go of the egoic operating system so ingrained and acculturated in us, which is holding us back, enslaving us with a logic of control, fear, separation and domination. As we learn to let go, we can open up to more of our innate humanity: our courage, creativity and compassion. Courage comes from the Latin cor meaning heart: a letting go of our egotism and an opening up to our heart requires great courage.

We are crossing thresholds that challenge us at deep and partly unconscious levels, and this requires courage.

Each of us has a human responsibility to help ourselves and each other through this painful yet liberating birthing process.

The logic of old with its fear-based, control-based, separating, polarizing perspective can grip us ever-tighter in these times of great upheaval unless we are diligent and dedicated in our attention and intention.  This explains the rising interest in the likes of Donald Trump who pander to our fearful nature. These challenging times also provide the crucible for a deeper, truer ‘Logic of Life’ to emerge within and through us. This explains the rising interest in a myriad of collaborative-based, purposeful, values-led, life-enhancing initiatives across the globe.

And so what I see next for our human family is a collective, organizational and personal letting go of hubris and fear while simultaneously opening up to the real ‘Logic of Life’ (the living-systems logic of regenerative, emergent, participatory ways of being & doing) with humility and courage.

Fundamentally, this is our remembrance of who we truly are; emancipation and empowerment of our humanity as we break out of the prison of our own making; a realization of who we were born to be while living up to our name Homo Sapiens – wise beings.

These times of great winds are ushering in a deeper, wiser, more alive logic by which to operate and organize in business and beyond.

front cover

My latest book Future Fit will be out very soon (in the next fortnight) watch this space!

See here a couple of recent reviews:

Future Fit provides the reader with practical modules replete with working examples full of snippets of wisdom. It is that rare book that mixes hands-on practicality with a philosophy of the heart. 

Giles Hutchins has written a transformational tool for business people and thinkers alike to enable them to adapt from old practices and thinking patterns into new perspectives.  Hutchins shows us how to navigate unchartered waters through awareness, personal gnosis, and authenticity. And when Hutchins says – ‘Let’s get practical’ – he lives up to his promise. He reveals how to deal with volatile times ahead by responding with natural creativity, innovation, collaboration, reciprocity, conviviality and empathy.

If I was to choose one guide to cross the Rubicon with into the future business world – it would be Giles Hutchins!’

Kingsley L. Dennis PhD, author of The Phoenix Generation: A New Era of Connection, Compassion and Consciousness

‘Here, collected in one place, is a timely handbook filled with tips and practices for the leader at the forefront of the human evolutionary leap in business today.

Giles has done an extraordinary job of pulling together a wide-ranging set of perspectives and techniques that will help leaders to metamorphose their levels of consciousness and reappraise the contribution they can make. It encourages us to see in systems, collaborate across boundaries and collectively imagine and design the future we really want.

If you are one of these leaders who feels the pull towards shaping our emerging future for a better humanity, this book will be your guide.’

Gina Hayden, Co-Founder of the Global Centre for Conscious Leadership

‘In our world of ever-increasing uncertainty, complexity and social upheaval we stand at a crossroads, both individually and organisationally. And each of us has the same choice – to stick or twist. Either we can continue to spectate from the stands, worrying incessantly about where the current situation is leading us, scouring the horizon for yet more evidence before we commit, and throwing insults at those playing whenever they slip. Or we can get on the pitch and start creating.

Giles’s inspiring, beautifully researched, uplifting and compelling book gives you a plethora of ideas to try out for yourself, and the encouragement that comes from knowing you are far from alone.’

Euan Smith, former COO, Sky Deutschland

Future-Fit builds on Hutchins’ previous books and stellar experience as a consultant. Here are critical inquiries, practical steps, and transforming actions to take, that offer lifesaving radical surgery for humanity and the business world.

With breath-taking flair, Hutchins insists on convergence between soul-truth and organisation purpose, and between effective leadership and inner stillness. He dismantles illusions and articulates a bold and sophisticated vision of organisational sanity and new understanding.

Implicit in his argument is that changes which are faltering, cosmetic, minor, sluggish, or embarked on less than whole-heartedly are woefully insufficient: given the world’s plight, both in its human and non-human dimensions, we need an intense seriousness of purpose and a revolutionary scale of re-thinking and action – all of which demands new levels of human maturity. He shows many ways of getting there.’

Dr Malcolm Parlett, author of Future Sense, Five Explorations of Whole Intelligence for a World That’s Waking Up.

Watch a 3min video clip on youtube here


To explore ‘the new paradigm’ further, join the Face Book community here


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  1. March 3, 2016 12:29 am

    Congrats Giles! We are very aligned in our values and aspirations for humanity and the Earth Community. Thank you for your contribution to a better world for all. I look forward to reading your book!

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