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The time has come! A new leadership paradigm for future-fit regenerative business

October 11, 2018

Our current times call for a radical new regenerative leadership paradigm. We need leaders who know how to build thriving, regenerative, future-fit organizations where purpose, people, planet and profit can thrive collectively. Leaders who stand strong in themselves and lead from the inside out.

We offer a unique full-day seminar in nature to upgrade your skills, tools and leadership for a new thriving paradigm rooted in the intelligence and wisdom of nature.

The day will be a blend of masterclasses, story-telling, knowledge-sharing, embodiment activities, deep listening, silence and journaling. This is all designed to guide participants into a transformative leadership paradigm.

When: NOVEMBER 20, 8.30am – 6pm

WHERE: HERTHADALEN in Roskilde (30 mins from Copenhagen)


  • How to build thriving, resilient organizations in times of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity)
  • The elements of a new regenerative leadership paradigm and how to cultivate thriving future-fit business models and organisational cultures. We cover our own models as well as Theory U (Otto Scharmer), Reinventing Organizations (Fredrick Laloux), New Leadership Paradigm (Richard Barrett) and other key models from pioneering thought leaders at the frontier of leadership development
  • How can organisational culture, processes and leadership learn from nature? We dive deep into living systems-thinking & living systems-being, applied to the next generation of conscious leadership
  • What leaders can learn from the logic of living systems and how to apply this into thriving ways of leading and living
  • The wisdom of nature and how to tap into this to nourish a regenerative mind-set and culture
  • What are the tools and the practices you need to cultivate a workplace where people, projects, services and collaborations can thrive
  • Regenerative Leadership Principles and how to cultivate these in the workplace
  • Cases + concrete business models on leaders and companies that are successfully embracing regenerative leadership, regenerative solutions and services


  • An overview of the pioneering work within leadership, systems-thinking and new paradigm business models and organisational culture
  • New inspiration, energy, insight and connections to inspire your leadership practice and collaborate in a way that unlocks human potential and creativity
  • Unique insight and understanding into regenerative future-fit leadership that will help you strategically and practically prepare your organization for the future
  • Models and techniques for integrating the intelligence of nature when designing, leading and living a thriving life
  • A deeper awareness of how everything is interconnected, and what this all means for how we lead and operate not just thriving future-fit organizations and teams but also the way we live our lives as purposeful human beings
  • Practical tools to tap into the creative wisdom of nature and apply this to your organization and your life as a thriving human being
  • An embodied understanding of the ‘crossing of the threshold’ required in leadership consciousness 
  • Techniques for shifting consciousness within yourself and your organization



“Today was something out of the ordinary, refreshing and surprising. I really enjoyed the openness that came from the atmosphere you nurtured.

”Regenerators is an essential journey for anyone looking to grow as a leader. Not only are you welcomed into an inspiring network of amazing people, but you also leave with a wealth of tools, stories and frameworks that you can apply to your work and your life.”

“I will bring a renewed energy into my life and work and faith that change is possible if we work together.”

 “A profound experience, beautifully held. An excellent mix of theory, reflective exercises and peer-to-peer learning, providing me the strength, resilience, direction and clarity I need of my leadership work.”

“Intellectually stimulating AND existentially exhilarating!”



– Leaders, Academics, middle-managers, entrepreneurs from all walks of life who feel called to understand and explore how to build thriving, regenerative organizations geared for the future.

– Leaders who desire a deeper understanding of how to access and nurture their own inner creativity and life-force, as well as the innate magnificence of life and wisdom of nature.

– Leaders who know in their hearts that a new level of consciousness is now required for the challenges upon us – and that conscious leaders and organizations are the only way forward.

– Senior managers, executives, practitioners, edge-walkers, strategists, thought-leaders, cultural creatives, pioneers, HR-professionals and entrepreneurs who desire a new dimension for their work.


The seminar is facilitated by world-leading experts in the new regenerative leadership paradigm Giles Hutchins & Laura Storm


For more information and to sign-up:

The time has come for a ‘new norm’ of leadership and organisational development.

The time is now.

Equip yourself and your organisation for life-affirming future-fitness.

To explore ‘the new paradigm’ further, join the Face Book community here

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