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Stepping beyond the veil, sensing beyond illusion – touching Grace within and all around

October 12, 2018

I tentatively share some insights and ramblings that came to me upon sunrise during a 24hr solo in the Scottish Isles last weekend.  These words are as they came to me, not in some poetic flow, but rough and ready.  A skype call late this Friday with a wonderful, beautiful and wise kindred spirit in Portland, US, prompted me to post this before it all becomes a distant memory…   I can still recall the flood of pink sky at night easing into twinkling Milky Way… shooting stars fading by moon-light and then the early morning sunrise… these thoughts came to me during sunrise, in a small open cave, with a Peregrine Falcon sitting next to me on the same sacred rock:

Sunrise, Big Chair

Beauty, synchronicity

Lunar, Aqua

Pulsating rippling

Ebbing flowing

Cacophony, melody

Soul journey


This quality of attentiveness

Of prehension, perception

Introspection and relation

With self-other-world

Other is no other

In the beginning was the primordial rhythm

In this moment is the Song of Songs

Ebbing, flowing

Receptive, responsive

Yin, Yang

A quality of awareness

Enters this gateway

Into the World

Into the Way of Nature

I profess to a desire

I confess to a method

Not to tie ‘it’ down

Nor objectify the very Nature of this rhythm

But to set Her free

By singing this song

Into the contemporary

With its modes, methods, models and metrics

To quantify the unquantifiable

Silly ‘I’

Yet where there is a ‘will’ there is a ‘way’

And Thy will shall be done

Being Done

We have an extracting eye

For good reason

And good reason need not

Warp into Rationalism

So I persist

My will, in service of

Thy Will Being Done

Not to define Grace

But to honour Grace

So the corridors and conduits

Of power, ego, high-society and communal relationality

Can honour Her once again

For She is Sophia

The Goddess of Wisdom

And society short on Wisdom

Is today’s malaise.

My inquiry, therefore, is twofold

  • Let’s indulge the desire to ‘know’ to feel, embody, intuit, describe, explain and objectify this unobjectifable quality of being and becoming, this liminal Tier 2 consciousness where we are returning home to oneness with Life. Let’s draw on brilliant minds before us – philosophers, poets, explorers, artists, scientists and naturalists – who too have explored and written about this ‘experience’, this ‘shift in consciousness’.
  • Let’s explore how to sensibly bring this into our ways of living and working, our systems, cities and societies, which are fraught with models, methods and metrics. So that Grace can breathe through us more deeply in our midst, our morning midst of metamorphosis.

I speak this with serenity and urgency

With discernment and discipline

With expansiveness and focus

With Yin and Yang

With the fiery Sun in my belly

And the watery Sea in my soul

My will is Thy will.   Amen

As I say these words 18 geese fly past in formation.  My counting rationalising mind is mind-ful that 18 is 9 in numerology – the end and the beginning; the still point where the turning of the wave lies; breakdown into breakthrough.

To drop into Source while ‘doing’ is our becoming.

 The Hour Glass Awakens

Wish-full thinking

Washing the mind

Treading softly

Time a labyrinth

Its ways deceptive

Yet revealing

The point of the journey is not to arrive

To break open

First requires containment

Hermetic Seal that swims deep and dark

We are contained in cages

With doors wide open

Yet the cage, the cave

With its shadows,

Suggestions and projections

Provides introspection

And digestion

For the journey via more caves into

Abysmal liminal spaciousness

Where apertures form

Open windows

For the soul

Open cages

For the creature to evolve

I quote Suzuki the early 20th Century Zen Buddhist, from the Manual of Zen Buddhism

‘And now, having moved through the stage of emptiness, and also having seen God in the world of Nature, the individual can see God in the world of men.  Enlightened mingling in the marketplace with wine-bibbers and butcher, he recognises the inner light or Buddha-Nature in everyone. He doesn’t need to hold himself aloof nor be weighted down by a sense of duty or responsibility, nor to follow a set of patterns of other holy men, nor to imitate the past. He is so in harmony with Life that he is content to be inconspicuous, to be an instrument not a leader.  He simply does what seems to him natural. But though in the market place he seems to be an ordinary man, something happens to the people among whom he mingles. They too become part of the Harmony of the Universe.’


To watch a 17min TEDx on the Revolution of Consciousness now required in our society, see:


To explore ‘the new paradigm’ further, join the Face Book community here

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  1. October 17, 2018 6:28 pm

    Giles Brilliant ! May I share on facebook. You offer an articulation of hope and understanding which is so well done.


    Jon Kramer

    On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 12:42 PM The Nature of Business wrote:

    > Giles Hutchins posted: “I tentatively share some insights and ramblings > that came to me upon sunrise during a 24hr solo in the Scottish Isles last > weekend. These words are as they came to me, not in some poetic flow, but > rough and ready. A skype call late this Friday with a wo” >

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