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Regenerative Leadership – Activating a New Leadership Paradigm

October 26, 2018

Over the last couple of years, I have had the great pleasure of engaging with myriad senior executives, CEOs from quite different organisations agreeing on one thing: they are holding an immense tension in these times of change.

One aspect of this tension is in the here-and-now. Just keeping our head above water in these times of increasing volatile is a real challenge for our leaders.

The other aspect of this tension is in the future. But not some distant future, just three years from now, there is an increasing recognition amongst our leaders that, in order to do more than just survive but to actually thrive in the volatile times ahead, we need to radically transform the ways in which we operate and organise.

To do this, while keep the wheels on the road and our head above water, requires a wholly new approach to leadership and organisational development.

One Global CEO applies the impactful metaphor of flying a plane, and having to retrofit the plane in mid-flight, while going into increasing turbulence, also while keeping all the ground crew, in-flight crew and all the customers on-board happy.

This is the level of systemic interconnected change we face today.

This time of transformation demands that we bring in a new way of being-and-doing into our selves, our team dynamics, and our organisations.  This is what we explore, indeed activate, in this unique one day immersion workshop near Copenhagen 20th November 8.30am-5pm

Laura Storm – the sustainability guru, GreenBiz Worldchanger, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, previous Head of Sustainia, and Founder of Regenerators – and myself, Giles Hutchins, are hosting a special one day Regenerative Leadership immersion, where we dive deep into what is needed to activate this next stage leadership consciousness inside ourselves and across our systems: A day full of practical applications, cases and cutting-edge insights from the future of business.

The day will be a blend of masterclasses, story-telling, knowledge-sharing, embodiment activities, deep listening, silence and journaling. This is all designed to guide participants into a transformative leadership paradigm.

We shall cover the tools, insights from living-systems, and practices required to up-stretch into this next-stage leadership consciousness.  We shall also include specialist domains such as biomimicry, circular economics, Otto Scharmer’s Theory U and Frederic Laloux’s Teal/Evolutionary as key aspects of this next stage consciousness.  All this while engaging with other like-minded pioneers pushing the envelope in today’s time of transformation.


“Today was something out of the ordinary, refreshing and surprising. I really enjoyed the openness that came from the atmosphere you nurtured.

”Regenerators is an essential journey for anyone looking to grow as a leader. Not only are you welcomed into an inspiring network of amazing people, but you also leave with a wealth of tools, stories and frameworks that you can apply to your work and your life.”

“I will bring a renewed energy into my life and work and faith that change is possible if we work together.”

 “A profound experience, beautifully held. An excellent mix of theory, reflective exercises and peer-to-peer learning, providing me the strength, resilience, direction and clarity I need of my leadership work.”

“Intellectually stimulating AND existentially exhilarating!”


See here for more information – if you do wish to attend please book in the next few days as places are filling fast:

What a fascinating yet challenging time to be alive. We are in the midst of a metamorphosis, profound shifts are affecting the way we work, how and why we do things, and the purpose and meaning we apply to our organisations, our wider social systems, and our civilisation.

This time of transformation demands that we bring in a new way of being-and-doing into our selves, our team dynamics, and our organisations.  This is what we explore, indeed activate, in this unique one day immersion workshop near Copenhagen 20th November in a wonderful relaxing setting.

The Regenerators is a collective of professionals coming together to aid the emergence of a new thriving paradigm built on regenerative principles. A world where products, services and organizations leave more value than they take. Where our systems, structures and mind-sets provide the foundation for vibrant, invigorating, thriving societies and organizations.

We’re here to help re-design a world where purpose, people, planet and profit can thrive collectively by tapping into the wisdom of nature.

To explore ‘the new paradigm’ further, join the Face Book community here

To book your place on the Regenerative Leadership immersion visit:



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